Senco SNS50
Rugged Duty Stapler

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SNS50 Heavy Wire Stapler by Senco  Adjustable Power!
Senco SNS50 Heavy Duty stapler   Shoots N Wire 7/16" crown 1" to 2" 16g staples
Adjustable power for the toughest drives.
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Fasteners for this tool: N wire  7/16 crown, 16gauge, 1" to 2" in length.
The Senco SNS50 Rugged Duty 16 gauge Stapler has all the power and speed for the toughest 16 gauge staple applications. Designed for today's harder woods and laminates.  Adjustable power - can increase up to 20% for the toughest drives.
SNS50 Features:
Tremendous power and high speed capabilities, adjustable depth of drive, replaceable guide body wear insert, lightweight, wide fastener range, top loading, adjustable exhaust, E-Z Clear feature and availability in restrictive trigger or dual action trigger.
Applications: Best suited for framing, sheathing and pallets for on-site and industrial markets. Designed with today's harder woods and laminates in mind, this stapler stitches the full line of SENCO 16 gauge staples. 

Tool Specifications:  
5.9 lbs. (2.7kg)
Height: 12" (304mm)
Length: 14.375" (365mm)
Width: 3.6" (91mm)
Lip Length: 1" (25mm)
Capacity: 160
Operating Pressure:  
70-120 psig (4.76-8.16 bar)
Fitting: 3/8" NPT 

Fastener Specifications:
The SNS50 drives 16 gauge staples
N13 - N21
1" to 2" in length
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