Senco SFW09 - Fine Wire
Upholstery/Utility Stapler

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SFW09 Fine Wire Stapler by Senco 

New Body Style
   Great for Upholstery (fabric)
Also available with molded tool case.
Only $129.00 ♦ Brand New
  In stock
Fasteners for this tool: C wire  3/8 crown, 22g, C06-C10
Senco C Wire Staples

The Senco SFW09 fine wire stapler is one of the new "Pro-Series" tools that is specifically engineered for pros and demanding work environments, yet competitively priced.

The Senco SFW09 drives 3/8 crown 22g. staples from 1/4" to 5/8" in length.

Light weight, 2.1 pounds, 6" high and 9" long.
Metal magazine for durability.  Smooth metal cap for durability and protection of work materials.  Hardened alloy steel driver.  Extra long tapered nose for reaching recessed work surfaces.  Molded grip.  Heavy duty aluminum body.  Easy-open latch for quick and easy loading.  Visible fastener load and reload indicator.  Includes air fitting.

Applications:  upholstery, auto and marine vinyl trim, home insulation, roofing felt, cabinet backs, screen door repair, small furniture light trim and molding and picture frames.

Fasteners: C wire 3/8 crown, 22 gauge, 1/4" to 5/8" in length.