Senco SNS41
Rugged Duty
Construction Stapler

Factory Reconditioned

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SNS41 Heavy Wire Stapler by Senco  — Sale!
   Shoots N Wire 7/16" crown 1" to 2" 16g staples
Adjustable Depth-of-Drive
Factory reconditioned with one year warranty
Only $169.00 ♦ Factory Recon
  In stock
Fasteners for this tool: N wire  7/16 crown, 16g N13-N21
SENCO’s Factory Reconditioned tools provide the following:
• Covered by a one-year warranty
• Functionally factory reconditioned to "like-new" quality
• Have identifiable marking of an "R" stamped adjacent to the serial number to identify it as a reconditioned tool

The SENCO SNS41 Construction Stapler is perfect for anyone with a need for speed! It's fast, multi-directional stitching is a major benefit in applications like ridge beams and all types of sheathing.

Senco SNS41 Features:
• Durable construction; driver has high-strength rib design, threaded piston/driver connection, and aluminum cylinder sleeve. Minimizes downtime and operating costs
• One year warranty
• Multi-directional stitching at up to 14 staples per second
• Lightweight and compact with excellent balance and an impressive power-to-weight ratio
• Adjustable depth of drive for consistent and controllable staple set
• EZ-clear latch provides quick and easy clearing of occasional jams
• Ergonomic comfort grip handle
• Quiet operation with adjustable exhaust for user comfort
• Reload indicator lets user know it ’s time to add more fasteners

Senco SNS41 Applications:
Roof and sidewall sheathing, sub-flooring,fascia and soffits, aluminum and vinyl siding applications, cedar shingles, furring, ridge beam assembly, and metal tie down straps.
Industrial: Crate and box assembly and light furniture framing.

SNS41 Tool Specifications:
Weight: 4.6 lbs. (2.3kg)
Height: 11" (279mm)
Length: 14" (356mm)
Width: 3" (75 mm)
Staple Capacity: 160
Operating Pressure: 80-120 psig
Fitting: 3/8" NPT 

Fastener Specifications:
The SNS41 drives 16 gauge staples N13 - N21, 1" to 2" in length
Crown 7/16"(11 mm)
Width .062 (1.57 mm)
Thickness .055 (1.4 mm)
Capacity 160
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