Senco FinishPro 10
Micro Pinner

FinishPro 10 Micro Pins

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FinishPro 10 MicroPinner by Senco  Best Buy!
   Shoots 1/2" to 1" 23 gauge headless pins
Nearly invisible hole no splitting or puttying
Only $125.00 ♦ Brand New
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Also available with molded tool case. click here
The SENCO FinishPro 10 is one of the new "Pro Series" tools to be introduced by Senco.  "Pro Series" tools are specifically engineered for pros and demanding work environments, yet competitively priced.  The FinishPro 10 drives 23 gauge micropins from 1/2" to 1" in length. Includes air fitting, wrench and tool oil.

Applications:  Cabinet doors, small trim, glazing bead, carvings and ornamentals, birdhouses, beehive assembly, and picture frames. 

Tool Specifications:
Weight: 2.25lbs
Height: 6 1/2"
Length: 8 1/2"
Width: 2.2" (55.88 mm) 

Fastener specifications:
The FinishPro 10 drives  
23 ga. pins from 1/2" to 1"

Features and Benefits:
One year warranty
Extra power for use in hard woods
Rear exhaust directs oil and dust away from work surface.
Metal magazine for durability
Smooth metal cap for durability and protection of work materials.
Hardened alloy steel driver
Soft handle grip
Heavy duty aluminum body
Easy fastener length adjustment
Visible fastener load/reload indicator
Includes air fitting, wrench, and oil