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Senco offers technical support for their products. Contact Senco at 1-800-543-4596 or email for help. If you don't have a part chart, it is highly recommended that you download one from

NOTE: Parts are not returnable, please double check your order.

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116005030  to  199626000

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1160050301    Cover17.97
1160110061    RUBBER FEET PC2002 PC2061 PC10052.36
1160220091    Head Seal1.55
1160220102    Cylinder Seal1.23
1160221001    VALVE HOLDER PLATE PC200121.49
1161201002    VALVE HOLDER PLATE PC100142.81
1302031674    SCREW PC1001.97
1302032102    WASHER PC1001.80
1306012844    OVERLOAD CUTOUT PC100111.16
16123501610+  INTAKE FILTER PC10011.05
1660353    GASKET SCN5610.46
1996260002    SWIVEL FITTING PC1001 PC206110.28