Reading a Senco Part Chart

The drawing below is a page from the PW part chart, April 18, 2000 revision, and shows part "A" for the piston/driver assembly and part "B" for the safety.

"A" and "B" are reference numbers. You will find reference tables on the page for further information. Read down the left column to find your tool model then follow that row to intersect with the reference number to get the part number..

1.  The table in the upper right corner shows that "A" is part number 'EA0099' for an Industrial PW with a 3/16" countersink. For the PW Roofer the choices are 'EA0100' with a 1/8" CSK or 'EA0104' for a REG CSK.

The asterisks on "A" and on part number 'CA0142', the housing for the trigger valve, indicate that the part does not include o-rings.

2.  The safety "B" is part number 'HA0001' for the Industrial PW and 'HA0020' for the PW Roofer.

Some part charts have quite a few reference numbers. The SLS20 staple gun has a number of models depending on what staple it will fire; K, L, M or R wire. You will need to know what wire size staple your tool fires if you plan on ordering anything other than an A/B repair kit.

3.  Assemblies are outlined with a box. Part number 'FA0004' is a front plate assembly and includes all the part numbers inside the box; FB0001, FB0002 etc. The part numbers inside the box may also be ordered separately. The front plate (FA0004) must be ordered as an assembly as it has no other part number.

More on countersinks.
REG means the staple is driven to a depth where the top of the crown is level with the surface.
FLUSH means the staple is driven to the surface, but the crown is not countersunk. The crown remains above the surface.

More on o-rings.
If you look at part number 'BA0003', the firing valve found above the piston/driver assembly, you see that it includes LB0883, LB0884 and LB5002. The part charts that come with new tools or you download from www.senco.com have a detail part list on the last page. On that list, most parts beginning with LB are called 'seal'. Accurate as that term might be, it is not very helpful. LB5002 is a firing valve washer made of nylon or some other polymers, not rubber (and not included in any of the after market o-ring kits). If you go to the parts pages on this website you will see a much better definition for seals and screws (KB parts). Especially useful, most screws will have the thread sizes as well.

More on screws.
SHC is a socket head cap screw. Allen wrench type.
SLC is self locking coating. Can normally be reused up to 5 times. Use Locktite as substitute.
BHS is button head cap screw.
RHM is round head machine screw.

Part number changes.
This PW chart shows LB0883 & LB0884 as o-rings for the firing valve washer. LB0883 has since been changed to LB0027, and LB0884 is now LB0128. As we become aware of part number changes we try to upload them to the web as soon as possible. If you don't find the parts you need it could be they have been changed to new numbers and you should contact the Senco technical team for assistance. See our contact page for their number.