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DS300-S2 - DuraSpin Screw System by Senco 
DuraSpin DS300-S2  DS300-D2   Sheathing - Underlayment - Decking
Drives 1-5/8" to 3"
Powerful 2500 RPM motor ideal for decking
Includes flooring extension
Not available
Capable of driving SENCO DuraSpin screws up to 3" in length and with the added feature of the WB0002 extension, the DS300-S2 is ideal for wood decking and underlayment applications. The SENCO DuraSpin DS300-S2 collated screw system comes conveniently assembled to the rugged Senco SG2500 high torque screw gun.  The SG2500 screw shooter can be used independently to drive bulk screws. The SG2500 VSR screw shooter features a 10' cord, trigger lock, reverse and variable speed motor 0-2500 RPM. The DS300-S2 comes complete with the DuraSpin™ collated screw feed system, mounted on a SENCO screwdriver with flooring extension which extends the screw system to approx. 38", in a rugged carrying case, and with two spare bits.

The DS300-S2 is an upgrade of the popular DS300-D2 model.  
• Heavy Duty Variable Speed / Reversing SENCO Screwgun
• High-end Japanese motor
• Precision German trigger & switch
• Tested tough and durable - Brush Life exceeds FOUR TIMES competitive screwguns.  
• SENCO's 2500 RPM screwgun delivers 35% more torque than competitive tools.
• Extra-long 10 foot cord
• New Non-Slip Nosepiece
• Patented SENCO DuraSpin™ feed system drives screws quickly and efficiently without jams or misfeeds.
• Ergonomic design – May be used with a one-handed or two-handed grip. Cushioned second hand grip provides added comfort and reduced exertion.
• Flooring extension included – Allows screws to be driven efficiently from a comfortable standing position.
• Easy Depth-of-Drive Adjustment – Just turn the thumb screw to regulate the precise amount of countersink.
• Quick Release – Feed system snaps off to give easy bit access.
• Super-Tough Drive Bits – Outlast the competition.
• Modular design – Snaps together with or without flooring extension, quickly and easily, with no tools.

SENCO’s Full One-Year Warranty.

Tool Specifications: 
RPM: 2500 rev/min 
Motor: 5.4 amps.
Torque Delivered: 175 in-lbs
Weight: 5.5 lbs. (7.5 lbs. with extension) 
Height: 9.25" 
Length: 18.5" (38" with extension) 
Width: 2.75" 
Fasteners: 50 screws (one strip)
Screw Lengths: 1-5/8" - 3"

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