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Reconditioned DS275-18v

DS275-18v - DuraSpin Screw System by Senco 
Senco Duraspin DS275-18v Cordless    Drywall - Sheathing
Shoots 1" to 3" screws
3000 RPM motor is ideal for drywall and wood applications
The choice of pro's.
Not available
From drywall to decking to floor sheathing, the versatility of Senco's DuraSpin DS275 is unmatched. Engineered for a wide variety of screw fastening applications, the Senco DS275-18V drives 1" to 3" screws and is designed with a reverse switch to back out driven screws.

Voltage: 18 volts
Battery Ampacity: 2000 mAh
RPM: 3000 rev/min
Weight: 6.3 lbs. (29 kg)
Height: 11 inches (279 mm)
Length: 16.8 inches (425 mm)
Width: 3.85 inches (96 mm)
Recharge Time: 1 hour
Fastener Capacity: - 50 screws (one strip)
Torque Delivered: 50 in-lbs
Generated Noise: 74 dBA
Vibration: less than 2.5 m/sec2
Fastener Range: 1"- 3" length, #6 - #7 - #8 thread body.

Allows for one-handed screw fastening with either the right or left hand 
Ideal for professionals, serious DIYers, and even homeowners tackling a new project 
Trigger lock for continuous work 
Super-tough drive bits -- The longest lasting drive bits available 
Adjustable depth-of-screw drive for flush drive or countersink 
Easy-to-read markings on adjustable nosepiece 
Built-in belt hook for portability and convenience 
Comfortable grip for extra comfort with less exertion 
One-year warranty
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