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DS200-S4 - DuraSpin Screw System by Senco 
Senco Duraspin DS200-S4   Drywall - Sheathing - Underlayment - Decking
Drives 1" to 2" screws
4000 RPM motor is ideal for drywall and underlayment
Not available
Also available with flooring extension. click here
The Senco DuraSpin DS200-S4 comes complete with the DuraSpin collated screw feed system mounted on the rugged 4000 RPM Senco SG4000 screwdriver, a rugged carrying case, two spare bits and two nose pieces, one for drywall and one for wood to wood applications. Capable of driving SENCO® DuraSpin™ screws from 1" to 2" length, this tool is ideal for high-speed drywall applications as well as wood to wood applications. The SG4000 screw shooter can be used independently to drive bulk screws. The SG4000 VSR screw shooter features a 10' cord, trigger lock, reverse and 0-4000 RPM variable speed motor.

• Heavy Duty Variable Speed / Reversing SENCO Screwgun
• Extra-long 10 foot cord
• New Non-Slip Nosepiece
• Patented SENCO DuraSpin™ feed system drives screws quickly and efficiently without jams or misfeeds.
• Easy Depth-of-Drive Adjustment – Just turn the thumb screw to regulate the precise amount of countersink.
• Quick Release – Feed system snaps off to give easy bit access.
• Ergonomic design – May be used with a one-handed or two-handed grip. • Super-Tough Drive Bits – Outlast the competition.
• SENCO’s Full One-Year Warranty.
• Modular design – Snaps together with or without flooring extension, quickly and easily, with no tools.

SENCO's Full One Year Warranty.

Tool Specifications: 
RPM: 4000 rev/min 
Motor: 5.4 amps.
Torque Delivered: 95 in-lbs
Weight: 4.9 lbs. (2.2 kg) (6.9 lbs. with extension) 
Height: 9.25" (235 mm) 
Length: 18.5" (267 mm) (38" with extension) 
Width: 2.75" (70 mm) 
Fasteners: 50 screws (one strip)
Screw Lengths: 1" (22 mm) - 2" (50 mm)
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