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DCF5000 - DuraSpin Screw System by TyRex  Best Buy!
Tyrex Duraspin DCF5000    Drywall - Sheathing
Shoots 1" to 3" screws
3000 RPM, ideal for drywall and wood applications
TyRex Commercial Fastening, the choice of pro's.
One year warranty
Only $89.00 ♦ Brand New
  In stock

Collated Screws Mean Increased Productivity
Like their nail and staple counterparts, collated screws offer professional installers a number of benefits, not the least of which is an overall increase in job productivity. This is due in part to the fact that collated systems reduce the amount of time spent loading and installing loose fasteners, eliminating the need for feeding one fastener at a time. Just as important, waste associated with lost or dropped screws is virtually eliminated with collated systems. Add to this the ease of using collated screw guns and their versatility in handling a range of jobs and it's no surprise that collated screw systems are becoming more popular every day.

The TyRex DuraSpin DCF5000 is the only tool on the market with a retractable nose, enabling users to fasten into corners. Ideal for drywall and window installations. This powerful, versatile screwdriver makes easy work of tough jobs! Professional remodelers, contractors and DIYers will appreciate the convenience of the 3,300 rpm collated screw system, which increases productivity by eliminating the need for handling loose screws. The TyRex DuraSpin DCF5000 has corded power to drive 1" - 2" screws into even the toughest work surfaces. The DCF5000 has a extremely flexible heavy duty 10' cord made of professional grade rubber not found on inferior brands.

TyRex tools represent a commitment to delivering innovative, high-quality products. Each tool has been designed to help professionals increase the productivity of their commercial fastening jobs. Visit www.tyrextools.com now.

Includes: TyRex DuraSpin DCF5000 auto-feed screw gun, hex wrenches, spare drive bits and manual. The tool even has a convenient storage area for 2 drive bits and wrench.

Allows for one-handed screw fastening with either the right or left hand 
Reverse switch for backing out screws
Trigger lock for continuous work 
Super-tough drive bits -- The longest lasting drive bits available 
Adjustable depth-of-screw drive for flush drive or countersink 
Retractable nose for working in tight corners
Easy-to-read markings on adjustable nosepieces 
Built-in belt hook for portability and convenience 
Heavy duty 10' rubber cord.
One Year Warranty

SKU: T001001
RPM: 3300 rev/min 
Power: 4.3 Amps. 120VAC 60Hz
Height: 8"  
Length: 15.75"  
Width: 3.1"  
Weight: 4.8 lb  
Fastener Capacity: 50 screws per strip 
Screw Lengths: 1" - 2"
Screw Diameters: #6 -- #8 

Tyrex Duraspin DCF5000